Medical or
Educational Supplies

Schools in East Timor

Often companies or organizations find they have useful items that are no longer needed. A hospital or clinic may have redundant equipment, a stationary supplier may have books, or other useful expendable's they wish to dispose of, or a group of friends may decide to purchase supplies that are needed and have them delivered by VEGA. Providing aid is an honorable thing, but providing useful aid is not as easy as it might seem. Most big charities take what they can get and send it along - in bulk - hoping some of it will be useful to the recipients. One of the most common complaints we hear is that big charities do not listen to what is really needed and often create problems by sending things that are not appropriate or simply not needed. VEGA operates on a different system.

No one will ever understand what is needed better than the those who will be using our aid. That is why we first talk with the teachers, health workers, doctors, and village leaders who give us lists of exactly what they need to do their jobs. We then try our best to provide the items requested on those lists. For us it is not about how many tons we can ship, but about responding to precise needs as defined by the people we are helping. We have lists that are specific requests from the people and communities we support that we will gladly share with you.

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