Learn the art
traditional sailing

Lern sailing on the Historical Sailing Vessel VEGA

During the months of November through March VEGA is in Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand where we take part as press boat in major regattas, contact our supporters to gather the materials needed for our deliveries, do a lot of the small jobs that keep the boat in such great shape, and also have a few weeks to enjoy playing with VEGA. This is the perfect time to join VEGA for 1 or 2 weeks and learn the arts of sailing a traditional boat.

This is an opportunity to learn everything from fancy rope and leather work to how to set square sails through a completely hands on approach. Not that it is all work or for that matter all sailing. We are often in boat shows or on display and many is the crew member who has fallen over board with a mask and snorkel in hand. Here is a chance to learn the life of a sailor aboard a 118 year old historic vessel while learning "The Ropes". This is an ideal way for a family, 2 couples, or a few friends to escape the coldest times in the North and have a great experience sailing VEGA through some of the worlds most scenic waters.

These adventures will cost you a donation to cover your bunk and board, your share of the cost of running and maintaining the ship, port fees and entry fees for the countries we visit, plus, all instruction and training. That is about the same as a comparable stay at a good resort but with the added fun of having a great sailing experience while learning a lot about old sailing boats and how they are sailed. Oh, and the food is not bad either. For more details and a schedule of when we have openings contact us. »

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